José Rafael Marcano Santelli (KabutoCoder): A journey through Bits and Bytes

José Rafael Marcano Santelli, known in the digital world as KabutoCoder, is a passionate video game developer with a fascinating story. His path to creating virtual worlds began in his childhood, when he became captivated by an iconic Japanese television show  Mazinger Z and a video game console called Atari 2600.

Since 1982, creating Mazinger Z games was the driving force that drove KabutoCoder to develop video games on different computers, starting in 8 bits with a first unpublished game on Commodore 64, then with 16 bits on Atari ST. And in 1995, with the Mediatech Game Studio formed, the development adventure began with its series of 5 editions «The Adventures of Umi» which achieved physical sales of more than 300,000 units in Venezuela.

The first game published and authorized by Go Nagai on PC called Game Maker, featured the Mazinger Zeta game developed in Multimedia Fusion with its source code and a manual on how to make games and code documentation. It was a bestseller, selling thousands of units.

After the success of Game Maker, the game Mazinger vs. Gran Mazinger was developed and released in 2001. Mazinger vs. Gran Mazinger which was the definitive Mazinger game, following the story of the anime until Mazinger’s death and appearance in the last level of the Great Mazinger. This game was very well known and sold not only in Venezuela but in many Spanish-speaking countries, having tremendous success, even reviewed in different books and encyclopedias about the robot in Spain. This was during Mediatech’s commercial era between 1995 and 2005. Already in 2008 with the launch of Apple’s mobile app store on the first iPhone, KabutoCoder focused on this new sector of massive touch games for phones and tablets, achieving first success. with the game «Color Machine» for iOS with more than 5.000 downloads in a few months. From there it has been non-stop since 2019, focusing its efforts on creating a portfolio of arcade games for Android, forming a large community of fans around the world of its productions.

Inspiration from Mazinger Z and the Atari 2600

Mazinger Z, a giant robot controlled by a human, left a lasting impression on KabutoCoder. The black and white robot, with blue legs and fists, shot lightning bolts from his chest. But what really captured his imagination was the brave pilot Koji Kabuto, who connected through a small ship called “The Pilder” to fight enemies. Koji Kabuto’s bravery and spirit of sacrifice became the spark that ignited José Rafael’s passion for video games. Furthermore, his first contact with video games back in 1979 marked his path and his profession in his mind at a very early age.

The Path to Programming and Video Games

Since then, José Rafael dedicated himself to learning about video game development. His personal brand, KabutoCoder, became synonymous with creativity and technical skills. Over the years, it has created a variety of notable games that already exceed 17 productions with hundreds of thousands of downloads on the Google Play store.


KabutoCoder’s Legacy in the Mobile Gaming Community

KabutoCoder continues to leave his mark on the community of players and developers through Mediatech Game Studio. His creations have been acclaimed for their innovation and playability. If you want to explore more about these games, you can visit his game portfolio on Google Play.
The adventure continues to evolve!