As you know the promise of my fantasy console «AT64» is at least one new game cartridge every month, at this moment I am finishing «Captain Bici» and a new one called «Kikaiju Lightpen» which as you can tell is the Introduction to light gun games in the product.

I have several ideas for this type of game that will use touch as the light gun with its typical flickering effect that we all loved in the 80’s on our 8-bit computers. In the update you will notice a change in the interface and icons that indicate the arrival of this type of games. I hope to finish at least one of the two before the end of February.

On the other hand, I have been finishing a game highly anticipated by fans for a long time, that of «Grandizer» or as our French friends say «Goldorak», the game was ready for months but the artist who helps me with the character assets and HUD He had an accident and broke his right arm, the one he used to illustrate. I send a big hug to Julieta Baudo, a great Argentine artist. This week he resumed work and if everything goes well we should have the game ready by the end of March 2024.

I’ll try to have a summary W.I.P. at least every other Friday so they know how the projects and updates of my games are going.

Greetings and happy Friday to all!


por KabutoCoder

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