Today in 2024 I am a developer for mobile systems but I have also developed some games for old systems, so in this section of my website I will tell you about old and modern developments documented for platforms from the 80’s, and I say documented because there are no physical and playable testimony of them, unfortunately all my versions of Mazinger Z games for the Sinclair (ZX81/ZX Spectrum), Atari 800 XL and Commodore (C64/AMIGA) computers I never kept backups of them or sold them with the floppy disks and cassettes of games on my systems when I was a teenager, lol.

What I do have to show is this beautiful and unfinished version of the game «The Return of Mazinger Z» on Atari ST that I developed in 1991 and of which I not only recovered its executable but even the source code and published it on my website of iTchio as a free download. So if you are a fan of the system and game programming, I leave you some images and the link so you can use it without any problem.


Download Link

In the pandemic, bored and unemployed like everyone, especially in the first months of confinement, it occurred to me to dust off an old Activision Game Maker manual from 1985 to develop three arcade minigames for my favorite platform, the Commodore 64. That maker is a masterpiece of great coder Garry Kitchen who was one of the pioneers in the old Activision developing wonderful games for the Atari 2600 such as Keystone Kaper, Donkey Kong, Pressure Cooker and others. I made these three mini games in tribute to him and to show the world that these retro platforms are more alive than ever these days.

Umi 64 Download Link

Umi Paratrooper Download Link

Umi Liberator Download Link

Well, today I am developing «Mazinger Z Arcade» for Commodore Amiga also in tribute to another great coder, Francois Lionet that I admire a lot and I have the pleasure of knowing him and having worked as a beta tester of his tools to make games on PC and Mobile, one that is not so famous but who has had a wonderful career since 1987. His most important works, the STOS for Atari ST, the Amos Professional for Amiga and all the makers or languages for making games from his former company Clickteam of which he was a founding partner, coder French who I hope one day will be properly recognized for his immense contribution to the world of technology and programming.

I will tell you about this game on the Blog about the progress of it!