José Rafael (KabutoCoder) founded Mediatech in 1995 with a dream to fulfill, to create the first video game studio in Venezuela, productions such as «The Multimedia Encyclopedia», «The Adventures of Umi» in its 5 editions and the super robot games «Mazinger Zeta» achieved that dream that materialized as a company with more than 15 employees that had a turnover for a decade until its closure in 2005 after the incident with the government of Hugo Chávez over the game «Mazinger Z saves Venezuela.»

From 2005 to 2012, Kabuto Coder dedicated himself in the shadows to working in other commercial areas but continued developing video games in the shadows for the Children’s Museum of Caracas and venturing into mobile games with productions such as «Color Machine» for iOS, which was its first hit with more than 20,000 downloads a few months after being released back in 2011.

Already in 2015 he changed the name of Mediatech to Mediatech Game Studio as a personal signature with the launch of the game «Umi Force Unlimited» for Android and iOS, but always on the networks and in the world of development he was known as Kabuto after the mythical hero of childhood inspiration «Koji Kabuto» the pilot of Mazinger Z, so in this 2024 I have unified all my networks, developer accounts and also a commercial establishment in Colombia as «KabutoCoder», so from now on it will be the image and name with which you can find me.

por KabutoCoder

Senior Game Designer | Business Manager | B2B & B2C Management | EGTAIR Brand Owner

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