In my daily life, I am a businessman by day and a video game developer by night. Now I am going to talk to you about my role as an expert in traditional commerce and, above all, in these last 9 years as a specialist in e-commerce and marketplaces.

I arrived in Colombia from Venezuela at the beginning of 2015, I had already been Country Manager of CD Distribution Corporation for 12 years, a very large video game distributor that served the ROLA market (all of LATAM without Mexico or Brazil), of course in the first years they were very good in Venezuela, managing to sell on average about $4MM in dollars annually, but that gradually decreased due to the Venezuelan crisis and my boss in 2014 told me that he wanted me to go to another territory, he gave me the choice between Chile, Peru, Panama and Colombia, of course I chose Colombia because of the proximity and because I feel that we are the same people with the same customs.

In Venezuela I had already had experiences in e-commerce with Mercado Libre in its earliest versions but nothing to do with what I was going to experience in Colombia. The first chain store that jumped on the bandwagon strongly in 2015 was Falabella with its B2B, I remember coding the first products with a very high margin in those years but with a marginal sale compared to physical sales in stores. I remember having met their first digital department with no more than 10 people, today there are thousands of people who are in those teams both in that retail and in the rest of the country.

There have been years of learning to connect buyers who do not go to a shopping center but must be captured through publications with good photographs, good titles that invite them to buy, descriptions highly treated with the help of artificial intelligence and participating in important commercial campaigns such as HOT SALES or BLACK FRIDAY.

Right now I am in training by an Argentine consultancy called DomUp Digital to be one of the first 20 Mercado Libre consultants in Colombia, something that I am very passionate about because I would like to help many new digital sellers to travel this path in a kinder way for their growth in e-commerce.

So if you need help with this you know where to reach me.

por KabutoCoder

Senior Game Designer | Business Manager | B2B & B2C Management | EGTAIR Brand Owner

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