Kikaiju LightGun

Kikaijus or mechanical beasts are attacking the city, the army was almost annihilated on the outskirts of it, the Red Cross is sending medicines and supplies to the military forces, your mission is to use a powerful laser beam to destroy the Kikaijus and not Let them destroy the ships and cars of the Red Cross. You have 3 lives to achieve it, in each wave you must defend the red cross by not letting the monsters destroy their supplies, if any of them are destroyed you lose a life and start the wave again, there are 12 levels to successfully complete your mission.

This new cartridge for the neoretro AT64 console opens the portfolio of light gun games, you will feel yourself shooting with your fingers on the screen as if it were a light gun for arcade games.

If you already have the AT64 on your Android phone, you just have to update the application and if not, I leave you the link to this wonderful app that takes you back in time with wonderful original games created for it:

Download AT64

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