When the Vega Empire first attacked Earth, Duke Fleed was forced to use Goldorak to fight them, quickly beginning the fight to keep the planet safe.
Koji Kabuto, former Mazinger Z pilot, allied with him in this fight, the two had the support of the staff of the Space Sciences Laboratory.
This is the story of my new game «Goldorak Shooting Gallery» that comes to continue the series of my vertical shooting games for mobile phones, a series inspired by the mechanics of the old «Bank Panic» by Sega in 1984, where you are presented in screen enemies and friends, losing precisely by eliminating the good guys and you get points for eliminating the bad guys.
You must destroy all those Saucer Beasts on the screen!
Accumulate the most points and be careful with the Saucer Beasts as they attack you with very powerful missiles, you must also be careful not to hit your friends such as planes and tanks of the earth’s self-defense forces. Each enemy missile hit or each hit on your allies subtracts one life, on the tenth hit the game ends and you have to start again.
The game begins in Goldorak’s cockpit and you can select different weapons with your finger in the cockpit of this powerful robot:
✓ Space Thunder (スペースサンダー Supēsu Sandā), lightning from the horns on the head makes the Saucer Beasts explode
✓ Hand Beam (ハンドビーム Hando Bīmu), melts Saucer Beasts and is a weapon that you can direct with your finger on the screen
✓ Double Harken (ダブルハーケン Daburu Hāken), a giant ax that does no damage while it goes up, but when it goes down, returning to Goldorak, it destroys everything in its path
✓ Spin Saucer (スピンソーサー Spin Saucer), several piercing rockets are fired at the same time diagonally
✓ Screw Crusher Punch (スクリュークラッシャーパンチ Sukuryū Kurasshā Panchi), Goldorak’s rotating rocket fists can destroy several enemies in his path.
Get the highest number of points before your 10 lives run out and you can be in the TOP TEN of the world ranking in the Super Robots games.
✓ Online scoreboard, constantly reflecting the top 10 players in the world, no matter where it is played, the scoreboard is the same for everyone.
✓ You can defend yourself from attacks by quickly pressing the missiles that attack you, you must be very fast otherwise the impact and the loss of 1 life is imminent.
✓ New musical themes and better synchronized with the action.
✓ The game has 3 RANDOM starts (Each game is unique) which start with different musical themes and also with other Goldorak friends who you should never attack.

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por KabutoCoder

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