In the middle of the pandemic, journalist Lisette Arévalo from the wonderful podcast «Radio Ambulante» contacted me to tell her the story of what happened with my game «Mazinger Z saves Venezuela» and the events that almost left me in jail in my country of origin Venezuela, the interview lasted a few months with an incredible level of professionalism and also not only talked about my game but also my history as a game developer since 1982, so if you want to listen to it, I leave the link to its website with the episode, it is narrated in Spanish but you also have the transcription of it to translate it if you wish.

«Radio Ambulante» episodes are distributed by NPR, America’s public radio, and work with a talented community of radio producers, journalists and illustrators to tell the stories that go unnoticed in other media. On Radio Ambulante they cover Latin America with stories of love and migration, youth and politics, the environment and families in extraordinary circumstances.

Episode link in the image!

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