Videogames are another form of artistic expression where music is a very important component in their good execution. A videogame without music and FX’s does not transmit anything, it is boring, it does not have climax moments in the games as it would be to see Avengers without its soundtrack and effects in moments like when Thanos snaps his fingers to erase half of the population of the universe .

I have been lucky over many years to have the help of very talented musicians in my works.

When I was just a teenager my great friend Humberto Soto dared to generate music for my Mazinger Z game on the ZX Spectrum, I had no idea how to do it other than just singing music in bars so they would give me a bottle of whiskey for me and my friends. Humberto took the ZXbasic manual, he saw that the «Beep» command he had to place notes and times and with that and his mastery he managed to make me some themes for my game. I don’t know if you remember, dear «Chino», almost 40 years have passed since that feat, hahaha.

In the 90’s the great Venezuelan musician Enrique Schironi composed the songs for «The Adventures of Umi», which was used in my games with ENHANCED CD technology that allowed me to have a part of the CD disk with music in perfect quality and the another part in data where the games were hosted, I simply called the clues from the code and that sounded majestic.

Enrique composed about 12 songs, each one better than the other and they were impregnated in the memory of the Venezuelan children who were part of the «Umi» community. Even today I receive signs of affection from those boys and girls who today are men and women around the world.

In 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, I told you in the «RETRO» entry that I made 3 minigames for the C64, on that occasion a very talented young musician composed 3 themes for the games, his name was Gianpaolo Castagnetti, son of a great friend who he studied music at a university in Bogotá.

Also that same year I contacted another composer now from Spain who is very active in the European retro scene and who has plenty of quality on all sides, his name is Narciso Quintana or as we all know him «Narcisound».

Nowadays he is the composer of the songs for my fantasy console «AT64» which I recommend you download so that you can enjoy it and also so that you can listen to those wonderful songs.

If you are a game developer, never overlook the music and sound theme in your productions, it is the best way to hook your players with your videogames.

I am making this post to thank you eternally and to pay tribute to these great musicians who have accompanied me in my career as a video game developer.

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